Project Coordinator:
Jeff Eriksen

Contact Information:
Jeff Eriksen
Procurement Manager
Phone: 620-662-9000 ext. 475
Cell: 620-960-3741

Collins Bus Corporation is seeking qualified DBE

Project Name:
Bus Assembly Parts

Awarding Agency:
Collins Bus Corporation

Project Location :
415 W. 6th Street. South Hutchinson KS. 67505

Bid Date & Time :

Bid/Contract #:

Project Description:

Potential supplier work scopes may include fiberglass products / end caps / front caps and components, bumper assemblies, interior trim, wall coverings, flooring and floor coverings, passenger seats, driver’s seat assemblies, window assemblies, entrance and exit door assemblies, door control systems, heating and air conditioning systems, video/radio/paging equipment, interior/exterior lighting, wire harnesses, destination signage, belts and restraints, mirrors, running boards, stanchion tubing and fittings, luggage racks, tailpipes, specialty steel (structural steel tubing, etc.), metal fabrications, welding, aluminum extrusions, fire extinguishers, decals/striping/paint, first aid kits, plywood, hardware, technical manuals, transportation of materials, seals/tapes/caulking, shop tools and cleaning supplies, motor oil, and other stipulated deliverables for installation on commercial buses and cutaways.

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